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‘Darkest Desires of an Insecure Mind’ is now available and live on both ebook and paperback today, Friday June 16th. Remember even if you have read the blog version, you still do not know the full and real story.

Nervous, second guessing, timid and insecure. Samanth Hunt is an emotional wreck. This is largely down to her unloving, narcissist husband Andrew Hunt. After fifteen uncertain and mentally abusive years of marriage, Andrew has finally agreed to purchase a new house, fullfilling Samantha’s dream of moving to the country, A new start and a chance to try to convince Andrew that starting a family wouldn’t be such a bad idea.
However will it be the new start Samantha was expecting? After meeting James Sterling the young, sexy and hot as hell new neighbour, Samantha’s life will never be the same again. James shows her what it is like to be truely loved and desired, a concept that is alien to her until now. Given a choice, Samantha needs to build the confidence to decide where her future lies. With Andrew, her financially stable, but cold hearted husband. Or with James, the rough around the edges, sexy and kind hearted man next door.
It’s an internal struggle but one that only Samantha can solve. Is it a case of better the devil you know? Or is the grass definitely greener on the other side?